Plateau on the Radio: Episode 32 Fall Foraging with Ashley Doyle

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It's that time of the season again friends, and now that crisp autumn is all around, guest host, forager and nutritionist Ashley Doyle is back on the air to bring you some great knowledge on foraging the Colorado Plateau.

Guest Host and forager extraordinaire, Ashley Doyle.

This time around she discusses medicinal and nutritional properties of Common Mullein, Mormon Tea, Snakeweed, Pinyon, and also how some foraging isn't just for eating but for crafty folks too.

If you would like to get a hold of Ashley Doyle with questions or some of your own knowledge on Fall Foraging the Colorado Plateau region, you can drop her a line at, and she would love to hear from you.

An invasive plant found everywhere on the Plateau,
Common Mullein, is quite the useful plant indeed.

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