Episode 46: Riparian Habitat and Bird Ecology

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In this weeks episode we are so fortunate to have on two wonderful bird ecologists, Sean Mahoney and Peter Motyka out of Northern Arizona University. They recently helped publish a paper (along with researchers Nell Smith, Raemy Winton, Erik Lundgren, Bo Stevens and Matthew Johnson) on bird communities who utilize non-native Russian Olive riparian habitat that dominate the banks of the San Juan River through Utah.

Photo of mixed habitat along the San Juan River at
Big Sandy, near Lime Ridge/Comb Wash.

Join us as we discuss this interesting study, the future of riparian habitat in the southwest, the threats of false science, and also offer some great advice to folks who may want to become an ecologist one day.

And stick around for a special High Desert Jamboree with guest Cato Cook from Jakarta, Indonesia where you will hear all about life in this beautiful region, musical traditions, Javan Tiger biology, the captive bird trade, and much more.

Special guest Cato Cook (on right) and friends from a bird
survey crew in Indonesia. 

Links of Note:

Sean Mahoney (ResearchGate)

Peter Motyka (ResearchGate)

Species Mentioned:

Russian OliveElaeagnus angustifolia L.

Tamarisk/Salt Cedar, Tamarix L.

Northern Tamarisk Beetle, Diorhabda carinulata 

Southwestern Willow FlycatcherEmpidonax trailii extimus

Western Yellow-billed CuckooCoccyzus americanus occidentalis

Indonesia Links of Note:

Javan TigerPanthera tigris sondaica

Javan Tiger Center, Didik Raharyono (Facebook page)