A New Way to Connect on the Plateau

We receive so many wonderful submissions on our Facebook page, but due to our format of 1-2 posts a day, it is impossible to get to them all. Some folks have suggested we form a Group as a way for the friends of this page to connect with one another on an individual or personal level, and we agree! Please consider joining This is the Colorado Plateau: Science, Events and Photography Group on Facebook. Post about your research or a scientific job listing in the area, submit your Plateau art and photography, alert everyone to a Colorado Plateau event or local scientific news, ask a question about a wildlife sighting or geological layer...all are welcome to participate in this Group. Hopefully see you there! (For a more detailed look at the 'rules' for posting on the new group page, keep on reading below the link)

Further information about the Group:

This group was created as an effort to give friends and followers of the page This is the Colorado Plateau: Science, Research and News a platform to share information, experience and community happenings for the greater Colorado Plateau area that encompasses much of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico as well as many tribal nations such as the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, Hualapai, Havasupai, Ute, Apache, and Southern Paiute people.

Scientists: We welcome submissions in the form of links to published articles or open source journals, job postings, images and updates from your current research, event postings for public talks, and any outreach initiatives seeking Citizen Scientists or volunteers. Some submissions, with your permission may be ran as a 'Notes from the Field' segment to reach a wider audience. 

Photographers and Artists: At the heart of Plateau Science is a love of the Plateau itself. Please submit any photography or art in any medium that shows the vision you wish to share of the Plateau. These submissions, with your permission, may be ran as a 'Postcards from the Plateau' post attributed to your name, to reach an even larger audience. Feel free to post links to your personal website when submitting art.

Educators, Activists and Community Members: Have a question in regards to science on the Plateau? Know of a science related event or have a link to a Plateau science related news article or point of view? Want to submit an interesting wildlife sighting or petroglyph photo? Please use this platform to further along information to those that love the Colorado Plateau. 

All are welcome and see you on the Group Page.