Plateau on the Radio: Episode 30 Biological Soil Crust

Listen to Episode 30 HERE...

Tune in to the radio hour to learn all about something that is near and dear to our hearts...Biological Soil Crust.

Biological Soil Crust in Canyonlands National Park, UT (Photo by Bill Bowman)
Join us as we open up the Colorado Plateau Classroom and attend an entertaining lecture by soil ecologist Jayne Belnap and learn all about this amazing life form, the ecosystem services it performs, and about efforts to restore it in areas it was destroyed.

The recording is courtesy of a great program put on in Aspen, CO called Naturalist Nights and was put on by the great folks at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and recorded beautifully by The GrassRoots Community Network.

And as always friends remember...Don't Bust The Crust!

Further Reading:

Research Paper Links by Jayne Belnap via Resarch Gate

A Field Guide to Biological Soil Crusts by Roger Rosentreter, Ph.D., Matthew Bowker, Ph.D., Jayne Belnap, Ph.D. Free to download the .pdf file.

Crust 101 by - a great resource for all things crust. 

Biological Soil Crusts - a 2 page hand-out, ideal for classrooms or informational booths.

Forest Rangeland Soil Ecology Lab at Northern Arizona University