Plateau on the Radio: Episode 13 Drought and Water Conservation

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Waterline Road on the San Francisco
Peaks (Photo by Cory Mottice)
This time around we are focusing on drought and water conservation and have on a great guest named Erin Young who is the City of Flagstaffs Water Resources Manager and we discuss the future of water security in Flagstaff, the history of the water supply here and conservation measures that are in place, as well as things everyone can do to conserve our precious water. Also a report about dust on snow, the US Drought Index Monitor, and the plight of the ancient Hohokam Nation who experienced one of the worse droughts in history here in the southwest.

For more information on the events being held through the Flagstaff Water Services Department head over to their website and check out the calendar. They also have a really nice history section that lays out the interesting ways Flagstaff has been utilizing water since the very beginning. Also if your interested in doing you part to conserve water, take advantage of the great rebate programs mentioned in the show that the City of Flagstaff offers its residents.

For more information on Red Gap Ranch, have a look at this .pdf file for some history.

Lake Mary is one of the main water sources of the city of Flagstaff (Photo by Chris Gering)

Plateau on the Radio: Episode 12 Citizen Science and Advocacy

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This weeks episode is all about the importance of Citizen Science and Science Advocacy. We highlight citizen science opportunities for our listeners to join in, talk about the upcoming March for Science Flagstaff event put on by CEBA with organizers Jackie Parker and Pete Motyka, as well as the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Projects Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and have a conversation with Mexican Wolf Advocates Jean and Peter Ossorio from New Mexico. Also an audio postcard from Citizen Scientist extraordinaire Ashley Doyle

And for more information on Mexican Wolves head over to the great website, and check out some articles by my great guests including Pupdate by Jean Ossario that highlights news about the pups down in the Recovery Area.

To locate some Citizen Science Projects that were mentioned on the show look into SciStarter as well as Scientific American and The Citizen Scientist Grid.

Plateau on the Radio: Episode 11 Water is Life

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Tune in for another installment of This is the Colorado Plateau  as we focus on water and drought across our region. Our three wonderful guests, Adrienne Soder and Mary Samar (Graduate Students at Northern Arizona University) and Dr. Denielle Perry, Assistant Professor with the School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, and they are organizing and participating in the upcoming Student Water Symposium at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. We talk about their important research and about the importance of water policy in the West. Also a view of the drought from the Four Corners from Luke Runyon, a segment on mega-droughts, as well as water conservation tips from our very own Plateau reporter Ashley Doyle. Music from regional reggae rockers Innastate with Water is Life, and so much more!
The Colorado River, life-blood of the West