Plateau on the Radio: Episode 16 Science Communication in Literature with Craig Childs

Listen to Episode 16 HERE...

Happy windy Spring to you all. It has been a lovely week here on the Plateau and I was very fortunate to interview an amazing and kind man who has authored some of of the best books around. Craig Childs (House of Rain, Stone Desert, Apocalyptic Planet) came through Flagstaff and sat down to talk with me about many interesting and beautiful things, including his new and spectacular book titled Atlas of a Lost World - Travels in Ice Age America.

Also in this Episode that is part 2 of our 5 part series (whew!) all about Science Communication, words from Ed Abbey, E.O. Wilson, as well as a fast journey through the ages focused in on the Colorado Plateau and the Great Basin.

Thank you so much Craig Childs for doing this, and thank you for your wonderful words and writings.