Plateau on the Radio: Episode 15 Science Communication in a Newspaper with Emery Cowan

Listen to Episode 15 HERE...

This is the first part in a five part series that seeks different perspectives in the art of Science Communication. We will focus in on the often overlooked part of science that is one of its most important aspects; getting science out there to the people. We will highlight science communication through a daily newspaper, through literature, radio, the lens of a camera and in front of the classroom. Kicking things off is today's interview with Emery Cowan, Environmental, Health and Science Reporter of the Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper in Flagstaff. We discuss Emery's work, the process behind writing an article, and her great perspectives on how to go about doing good communication efforts for environmental and science news.

And check out some of Emery Cowan's recent articles that we discussed below:

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