Plateau on the Radio: Episode 23 The Monsoon

Listen to Episode 23 HERE...

In this special edition of your favorite regional science hour we dive into the most beautiful time of year on the Plateau...the Monsoon Season.

White Pockets area on the AZ/UT border after a nice rain storm.
Photo by Ryan Lima.

Join me as we learn about the origin of the name Monsoon and how this annual weather pattern develops. We also explore the ancient life within desert potholes, or ephemeral pools that fill up during this magical time of year and have living fossils existing within. And finally we talk about being safe out there in the wilds as you are exploring the Plateau region, and how to best avoid flash floods and lightning strikes, and so much more.

Also, regional music from New Mexico with Native Roots, and from Hopi with Casper Lomayesva and friends.

Below is a footage of a flash flood at Lower Antelope Canyon on the Diné Nation from 2013. In some areas this portion of the slot canyon is 40 feet deep.