Plateau on the Radio: Episode 21 Foraging the Colorado Plateau with Ashley Doyle

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This week your regular humble host, Christopher Calvo took a backseat as guest host extraordinaire, master chef and nutritionist Ashley Doyle took us on a journey through the Plateau to forage for wild and delicious foods, dyes and medicine too.

Guest host and Plateau forager Ashley Doyle
From the gathering of Dandelions on many riparian throughout the Plateau, to Lobster and King Bolete mushrooms in the monsoon drenched slopes of the San Francisco Peaks, to cooking with Amaranth in Ashley's kitchen out in the volcanic fields of northern Arizona, to Biscuit Root in the Canyon Country of Utah. Ashley also walks you through how to make simple tinctures and vinegars with your harvest utilizing things that are probably already in your kitchen right now. This will be a seasonal series on the radio show so please get in touch with Ashley at or on the Facebook page and let her know your favorite foods to forage in your neck of the woods and your favorite recipes too.

Ashley harvesting the fruit of the
Prickly Pear in northern AZ.
For other great resources in harvesting foods on the Plateau check out the following links:
And to get involved with some classes that focus on wild food, look into the wonderful Forager's Path School of Botanical Studies.