Plateau on the Radio: Episode 12 Citizen Science and Advocacy

Listen to Episode 12 HERE...

This weeks episode is all about the importance of Citizen Science and Science Advocacy. We highlight citizen science opportunities for our listeners to join in, talk about the upcoming March for Science Flagstaff event put on by CEBA with organizers Jackie Parker and Pete Motyka, as well as the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Projects Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and have a conversation with Mexican Wolf Advocates Jean and Peter Ossorio from New Mexico. Also an audio postcard from Citizen Scientist extraordinaire Ashley Doyle

And for more information on Mexican Wolves head over to the great website, and check out some articles by my great guests including Pupdate by Jean Ossario that highlights news about the pups down in the Recovery Area.

To locate some Citizen Science Projects that were mentioned on the show look into SciStarter as well as Scientific American and The Citizen Scientist Grid.