Plateau on the Radio!

We started our efforts with 'This is the Colorado Plateau' as a means for scientists, community members, conservationists and students to come together and share their research, questions, observations and goals. Since then it has also evolved into a space for artists, photographers and volunteer coordinators to share their visions and efforts on the Plateau through the stroke of a paintbrush, the focusing of a lens, or the fulfillment of service to the outdoors.

When we hit 5000 followers on Facebook, it became clear that it was time to take the art of communication to another level, to an unfamiliar place, a place that we have zero experience in, and a place that would reach more people who love the Plateau, and who might not be to interested in our current forms of outreach through social media. Thus the idea for a little radio show was born.

We approached a community radio station, Radio Sunnyside 101.5
out of Flagstaff, AZ with our idea, and a great friendship was born. All of Radio Sunnysides DJ's and hosts are volunteers, like us, who have endless amounts of passion and dedication to give to those that would listen. And we are beyond proud to say that our first radio installment of 'This is the Colorado Plateau' will be aired live this Thursday, January 18th 2018 from 10 to 11am. If you are in the Flagstaff, AZ listening area you can catch it on the air at 101.5, or if you are elsewhere you can stream it live via

After the live show we will make it available here on this webpage, for folks to listen to anytime they'd like.

Our first shows comes at a perfect time to spotlight an event on the Plateau called Rumble on the Mountain. Rumble on the Mountain is an annual concert to raise awareness of the plight of the people and lands of the Colorado Plateau. This year's show will be held at the Coconino Center for the Arts on January 20, 2018 from 2pm-7pm. Featured artists include Sihasin, Ryone Polequaptewa, Ed Kabotie & Tha Yoties, and presentations from Jason Nez, Black Mesa Water Coalition, and Black Mesa Trust. Rumble on the Mountain IV - 'Sacred Lands of the Colorado Plateau' will be an experience of music, art, and education about the sacred and threatened lands of the Plateau. 

Our first guest Ed Kabotie.
Our guest on the show will be Ed Kabotie and here is a little bit about Ed from the man himself...

"My name is Ed Kabotie. I am from the village of Shungopagi and the Tewa village of Khap'o Owinge (Santa Clara Pueblo). On the day I was born, snow clouds hung over the mountains to the west of Santa Clara, so my aunt named me 'Okhuwa P'ing' (Cloud Mountain). My vision as an artist is to express the virtues of my Native American cultures. These expressions take the forms of overlay jewelry, watercolor paintings, traditional pottery, and trilingual (English, Hopi & Tewa) musical compositions.

My heritage is my inspiration. I am a third generation artist. Both my father and my grandfather before me were artists. My earliest memory is sitting with my father at the kitchen table of our home, with buffalo dance songs in my head, painting a picture to give to my dad. I am currently seeking to improve my skills and techniques in order to more effectively communicate my vision to the world."

So please tune in on Thursday, January 18th. We can't promise we will be great at a radio show, and we can't promise there won't be many mistakes and hiccups (it's live after all!), but we can promise we will give this effort our all. 

Thanks so much for making 'This is the Colorado Plateau' a part of your world and we hope to continue to bring you the best in regional Science, Photography and Events from every corner of our beautiful area.