Plateau on the Radio: Episode 35 Plateau Politics and the Government Shutdown

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As the longest government shutdown in history continues, we turn our attention to all the negative impacts that are taking place in the Plateau and beyond, and in the spirit of community radio we even try to bring you the other side of the coin and worked hard to bring you a comprehensive list of the positive impacts this government shutdown is having on people and places.

Signs in many National Parks this month urge visitors to please
take care of the place during this government shutdown.

We update you on the current state of National Parks around our region like Zion, Arches and the Grand Canyon, as well as incidents that have occurred in other National Parks around the country. And in our Notes from the Field segment we look at news from the government shutdown perspective on the impacts in regards to safety in our Public Lands, and important postponed fire management work around the West, as well as impacts that you might not have even suspected (for all you craft beer drinkers out there).

Trash cans overflowing in Yosemite National Park, CA
Also we hear from you dear listeners and your opinion on the government shutdown. All that and some good tunes to get us through the hard times. Tune in, and thank you so much for listening!