Plateau on the Radio: Episode 4 Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project

If you missed this weeks episode of This is the Colorado Plateau where we interviewed Emily Renn (Executive Director) and Lauren Cain (Outreach and Education Coordinator) of the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, you can listen to it right here. We also had our first Audio Postcard from the Plateau by Plateau reporter Ashley Doyle that highlights a stroll through Walnut Canyon National Monument in Northern Arizona.

And we would truly appreciate it if you Plateau lovers out there would consider submitting an Audio Postcard from the Plateau. It could be about anything you'd like as long as its Colorado Plateau related...for instance you could speak about a rare bird you saw, or a really great hike you did, or just what the Colorado Plateau means to you...anything goes! So grab your phone or other recording device and send us your amazing words. You can send the mp3 file to and listen for your voice on the air!